This New Social Media App Is Taking Over Bye Bye Facebook

So today I was thinking “what is Tik Tok used for”? Does it serve some type of purpose or is it any different than the other platforms that are out there? Tik Tok is a social media app where people create video content using audio clips of music and really cool filters. The app is mainly used by the younger age group, but older people use it too.

Why Do People Like Tik Tok?

People like Tik Tok right now because you can become famous and grow a huge following pretty easy, now as Tik Tok ages this may change. Also, Tik Tok has this really cool platform where you can do voiceovers with music as well as really cool video filters. It’s very easy and sometimes addictive with the reel of endless videos that you can watch which can make you laugh, cry, and even help somebody in need.


In conclusion as a regular Tik Tok user, I find more and more people are joining the platform. This could be because people could find it fun making cool videos and maybe even become Tik Tok famous from it. Now just as a warning Tik Tok can be pretty addicting and can pass the time away so be careful of how much time it may consume. But overall it’s a pretty cool app that I think will be around for a very long time.

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