How Much Do Native Ads Cost

From my personal experience native advertising can cost anywhere from $100 to $2000 or more.  The reason you need this much money to get started with native ads is because of the volume of traffic the native ad platforms can send you.  Not all of the traffic is going to convert so that is why it’s important to track what converts and what doesn’t so you can optimize and profit from your investment. 

How Big Of A Budget Do You Need To Run Native Ads?

The normal budget to get started in native ads is around $1000.  Now you need this big of a budget because you are going to be collecting lots of data on what is converting and what is not. The whole idea with native ads is to drive a bunch of traffic to an offer with link tracking to see what converts and what doesn’t. So comparing this type of advertising to let’s say Facebook definitely is way more expensive but has way more volume and less competition. 

Native Ads Cost Compared To Other Platforms

Compared to other platforms Native advertising can be a really good choice. The reason is because of the volume that can be sent to your website. Not only is native effective for just traffic, but traffic that converts. A lot of gurus on the internet show affiliate earning but never really reveal where they are getting their traffic. Well, I am here to tell you they are using native ads. The reason why this traffic converts so well compared to Facebook is that it doesn’t look like an ad but an article.


In conclusion, native ads can seem expensive but overall worth the big investment.  Again you do need a big budget but don’t let that scare you because the reward is much bigger. Sure it’s going to take some time to get the feel of the platforms but when you can harness the power of native ads it’s going to put a lot of money in your pockets.

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